Piling Caps

Our economical piling caps are easy to install and are an excellent way to protect costly pilings from internal rot. Our piling caps are made from high quality UV-resistant polyethylene. They are available in 1/2" increments from 5 1/2" to 18" diameter and in four basic shapes and two colors:

  • Round cone
  • Round flat
  • Square cone
  • Square flat

The cone shaped piling caps are designed to discourage sea birds from landing on them and make it easier to throw lines over pilings.

The flat piling caps are designed to cover the tops of the pilings leaving a smooth surface.  If the pilings are cut level, they can be utilized to place things (boating supplies, fishing gear, accessories, etc.) instead of putting them down on the dock creating a trip hazard.

Measurement Guidelines: For wood pilings or posts.  (Pilings are trees and therefore are not uniform in size).  Measure across the top of each piling, at several different points, to find the widest measurement.  This measurement, along with the wiring method that will be used to install the light kit, will determine the correct size piling cap needed for the kit. Call us and we will walk you through this step.

Lighted Piling Caps

Make sure you visit our light kit page! Our lighting kits enable you to take ordinary pilings and transform them in to beautiful light pedestals.

We also offer 'pre-punched' piling caps to accept the MAC-CAP adapter so you can add light fixtures to your pilings. Better yet, call us at (561) 748-7516 and talk to us about your outdoor lighting needs.