About Us

We are a family owned and operated business committed to working with you to achieve your goals, solve lighting issues, illuminate your outdoor lifestyle with code compliant products and accessories.  Made in the USA. We manufacturer, distribute and install our MAC-CAP® Outdoor Lighting Products and Accessories.

Give us a call and speak directly with the owners, Penny and Gary McBride.  Gary is a state licensed Master Electrician, who can offer 28+ years of hands on experience for your outdoor lighting and recreational projects.  Send us your drawings, plans and pictures to review.  We will work with you to provide personal assistance, discuss any uncertainties, explain options available, speak with your electrical contractor about technical aspects, eliminate the unknowns and ultimately avoid confusion.  This will provide answers, give you solutions and speed the process and progress of your project.  We are here for our customers!!

  • Our Mission

To design, build and provide products with Mac-Cap® quality, are code compliant, safe, can withstand the harshest of environments, can be repaired (not discarded) eliminating obsolescence, and will provide functional, practical and economical solutions that will last for years to come,

  • Features, Advantages, Benefits

Our Mac-Cap® line of products can enhance and increase property values, add safety features and provide security for family (including pets), friends, clients, customers and material possessions.  Durable and built to last using non-metallic and stainless materials and hardware.  Code compliant for safety.  Easy to install and maintain, with available replacements parts.  American made with the features, advantages and benefits that result in products that are economical to purchase, own, use and enjoy every day.

  • Who and Where

MAC-CAP® products are ideal when creating outdoor living rooms, spaces and recreational areas  to enjoy everyday, all day, and after the sun sets.  The Mac-Cap® products are perfect for private, public, commercial, industrial and residential properties.  Homes, estates, condominiums, marinas, boat docks, fishing piers and cleaning stations, horse barns, restaurants, hospitals, waster water and chemical plants, patios, pools, boardwalks, RV parks, outdoor landscaping, parking lots, fencing and all the outside areas you enjoy.

Gary McBride has been a Master Electrician for over 25 years in South Florida and is the inventor of the MAC-CAP™. The MAC-CAP™ solves a common problem, especially for dock and large property owners. That problem is -- how do you adequately light your dock or driveway entrance without resorting to expensive, high maintenance, pole fixtures. The answer is the MAC-CAP™. It enables you to convert existing piles or posts into beautiful pedestals and use the lighting fixtures of your choice. Today, the MAC-CAP™ is being used not only to light driveway approaches, but also for a wide variety of commercial applications, marinas and docks.

Use MAC-CAP™ products to beautify and illuminate.